Test our app for 30 minutes and get a $10 amazon gift card + unlimited snacks during testing!

The Details:

We are looking for willing participants for a usability study to try out our ground-breaking HVAC monitoring smart device – the AirPulse. The AirPulse  provides home owners with their home’s HVAC vitals through our handy iOS app. With Breezi you can track temperature, humidity, and air quality. Breezi also tracks the condition of your air filter and can notify you exactly when it becomes clogged and needs changing. Cool, huh?!

30 minute testing 10AM and 2:30PM JULY 2018

All study sessions will be conducted at Breezi, Inc’s headquarters:

Breezi @ The Frontier
800 Park Office Drive
Suite 1011
PO Box 13242
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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